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Runyankole Language

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Runyankole/Runyankore is the language of SW Uganda.

I have compiled this manual because I found almost no resources for volunteers and their partners who wished to gain some competency in using the Runyankole language.  This language is also called Runyankore and is similar to the Rukiga language with a few changes including spelling and pronunciation.
A teacher is mandatory in order to learn the correct pronunciation.


The manual is currently in three downloadable .pdf files. 


  • [Peace Corps Manual]  A manual written for Peace Corps volunteers.  A copy of the original manual was discovered in the VSO library.  It appears to be quite dated but this shouldn’t affect the accuracy. However, I can’t vouch for its complete accuracy, especially the spelling of words in Runyankole.  I have chosen the sections I thought would be helpful.
  • [Runyankole Lessons VSO]  The handout given to VSO volunteers at In Country Training.  Since I wasn’t able to attend ICT1 I have no notes and can’t expand on or explain some of the notes.
  • [Personal Lesson Notes]  Notes I have taken from lessons with the Bishop Stuart PTC nurse, Catherine
  • As I gather more notes or find more resources, I will upload additional files.



Runyankole Lessons VSO

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